Differences Between Sheet Music Arrangements For Beginners Explained

Dear Piano Teachers and Piano Players,

We’ve recently introduced two new piano sheet music arrangements for beginners: 5-Finger Piano and Beginner Piano. They complement the Easy Piano arrangement that has already existed on our website.

Here are the main differences between these three arrangements:

5-Finger Piano
These are the most simplified piano sheet music arrangements that we sell. They are abridged arrangements featuring very simple keys and rhythms and can be played with both hands staying in the same position. They’re perfect for absolute beginners and also useful as sight-reading practice for early graded examinations. Examples: 5-Finger Piano Sheet Music

Beginner Piano
Ideal for pianists of roughly grade 1-3 standard. Arrangements are abridged, rhythms are simplified where necessary and the left-hand generally plays a basic accompaniment. These are the natural next step up from our 5-Finger Piano arrangements. Examples: Beginner Piano Sheet Music

Easy Piano
Easy piano arrangements entail full versions of the songs, but not quite as complex as Piano, Vocal & Guitar arrangements. The approximate standard of these arrangements is grades 2-4. Examples: Easy Piano Sheet Music


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