Why B.B. King named his guitar Lucille

B.B. King used to play at a night club and one night a fight broke out between two guys over a girl who worked at the club. One of the guys accidentally knocked over a can of kerosene in the middle of the dance floor that they used for heating the club, which started a fire.

Everyone ran for the exit, including B.B. King, who got outside and only then remembered that he had left his guitar in the club. The wooden building was ablaze by then, but he still went back risking his life to save his instrument.

Next day he learned that the girl’s name was Lucille, so he named his guitar Lucille as a reminder to “never do a thing like that again”.

And that’s the true story…

Do you want to learn the songs by the King Of Blues? Look here for the best B.B. King sheet music and tabs.


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